Matt Cristopher



  • Born in Bath, Pennsylvania
  • Born on August,16,1917
  • His family lives in Rock Hill S.C
  • He died on September 20 1997 from complications for a surgery of a non malignant brain tumor

Fun Facts

  • He has about 275 short stories and articles published in over 65 children
  • one award was the boys clubs of America junior book award
  • He wrote more than 100 novels and 300 short stories


  • Tough to Tackle
  • Soccer Halfback
  • The Winning Stroke
  • The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
  • Run Billy Run!
  • Takedown
  • The Great Quarterback Switch
  • The Hockey Machine
  • Touchdown For Billy
  • Catch That Pass!
  • Long Shot For Paul
  • Look Who's Playing First Base
  • The Lucky Baseball Bat
  • The Year Mom Won The Pennant
  • The Diamond Champs
  • Wild Pitch

And many more!

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