Hot or Not!

basic information on the desert and its all of greatness


Deserts are hot most temperatures during the day can range from 40 - 50 degrees celisius so at a max its 122 degrees Fahrenheit thats more than enough to boil some water. i would not reccomend traveling to one of these location without or a map a compass and water due to the number of people who get loss and have a heat stroke

Deserts receive little rain but when it does rain you hear the sound of goats.

You might here goats and they sound like there everywhere but you just cant seem to find them. The reason why is because those aren't goats. what you are hearing is the mating call of spadefoot toad an animal that lives under ground dormant until it rains and they come out to mate.

The kings of the food chain

Don't go in not knowing.

When trekking thru a desert you will need a lot of water, light colored clothes/ lightweight clothes, and some sort of headwear to reduce the chance of falling out from dehydration or from the pure heat, and since most animals in the jungle are nocturnal u will need to find a source of shelter for your safety or be eaten by a pack of coyotes.

Where to find a desert

deserts are mainly located on the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn where there is a very low amount of precipitation/rain.
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