Never give in!

Brooke Grastorf

Running Through the Pain

In "Catching Kayla" Kayla is a 17 year old high school senior who suffers from M.S (Multiple sclerosis) it's a disease that that eats away at the protective covering of the nerves. There also is no cure for it. Kayla was 14 years old when she was diagnosed. She was playing in a soccer game and was hit with the ball. She couldn't fell her toes or legs for 8 months. She was mad and angry. Kayla she would run track and be a great athlete. When Kayla runs her body gets hot and her symptoms flair up. She is unable to feel anything from the waist down. When she finishes a race her coach catches her so that she won't fall to the ground. Her coach helps to cool her body by putting ice packs and water on her body to cool her down. It is important to cool her down so that her symptoms go away and she can walk again. Kayla shows determination by not giving up and running through the pain that could bring her down.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh had a hard life full of depression and heartbreaking romances. He had to quit school early because he had a mental illness and to help his uncle. He was rejected by his cousin and two other women that he was in love with. He went into major depression. He spent all of his money on paint and didn't have any food, so he ate and drank paint. People thought he was crazy and he never sold any of his art to anyone because of this. After his death, he became one of the top world famous painters, even though he only sold one painting when he was alive. He had determination like no other which made him successful after his death.

No Legs No Probelm

Amy had a tough life she had many major loses. when she contracted bacterial meningitis and had a 2% chance of living. She survived but ended up losing her legs and needed a kidney transplant. After this, she went through a lot of depression and didn't really like have fake legs. What also made it worse is that how she couldn't snowboard anymore, Which made her more upset. But now she discovers that she can do more with her fake legs then she really thinks. She worked with her prosthetist to make a leg that can be able to snowboard. Also she became a model and a motivational speaker.In addition she co-founded an organization that helps physically challenge people play action sports.