Forward Focus

HVS Counselor Newsletter

Supporting Change

Transitions from one level of schooling to another is a time of great excitement. It also can create some questions and concern in students and their families. As a result, the Huron Valley counselors provide transition support while focusing forward to the next school year and years beyond.

Middle School Focus

As shared earlier in the school year, one main focus to assist with transitions is the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) program that helps incoming 6th grade students feel welcomed and prepared for middle school. Incoming 6th grade students are welcomed by 8th grade students at a school event before the school year begins. During this time, students do group activities to get to know each other, go through their schedule, are shown how to open their locker and go over middle school expectations.

During the school year, students are asked to focus forward on a potential career and postsecondary education after high school by working on their EDPs (Educational Development Plans). During this time, students explore their likes and dislikes by taking interest inventories which then connect students with possible future careers. When looking at each career, a student can get a detailed description of the job, potential earnings, required education/training, sample career pathways, related careers and more. Additionally, students can explore which postsecondary institutions offer certifications, training or degrees that align with that career.

As we near the end of the school, counselors focused on next school year by holding the 5th grade orientation for students and parents. Fifth grade students came to the middle school in the morning to get tours and learn more information about class options and expectations for next year. Parents were invited in the evening to learn more about middle school classes, school activities and to answer questions. Transition meetings with elementary staff and middle school counselors are also held to help support the process.

High School Focus

As previously shared, both high schools held Freshman Orientation events prior to the school year beginning. Incoming 9th grade students had an opportunity to spend all day at Lakeland High School and Milford High School. During this time, students took tours, learned important information about high school, connected with new students, and met some of the staff.

During the school year EDPs (Educational Development Plans) were constructed via Career Cruising and were further explored with the use of the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) and O*NET. College visits, which are open to grades 9-12, and on-site admissions for 12th grade students took place at both high schools. At Lakeland, various professionals such as an engineer, librarian, interior design and the military visited to share information about their careers and answer questions. Milford had presenters from Northern Michigan University and Oakland Community College talk with students in April and will be holding a technical careers presentation this month.

Lakeland celebrated its second annual Decision Day. Decision Day is the day by which seniors nationwide declare what they want to do with their futures and decide where they will go to further their education after high school. As part of the celebration, there was an alumni panel so recent graduates could speak to their postsecondary experiences and give advice to current senior students. Senior students participated in a raffle to win college apparel and supplies, participated in on-site admissions for two local community colleges and had their postsecondary education destinations posted for the school to see. Students and staff also dressed up in their postsecondary apparel to acknowledge the importance of the day.