Passing Others Personal Info

Spreading Information That Is Private To Others

Why It Is Imporntant

It Is Imporntant because If Someone Finds Information About You They Can Steal Stuff From you Or Even Hurt You Or WORSE


If A Person Overhears A Private Conversation And Talks All About It

Other Ways It Can Happen

(1) Leaving Photos Of You With Someone/Something

(2) Drawing In Class About Something Persinol

(3) Not Paying Atanttion To Your Surrounding And Looking At Persinoll Stuff

Links People Could Be Finding Information About You

Facebook Is A Website Where Any Person Can Find Information About You

Listings On How To Prevent Eavesdroping Or Private Information Going Public From Happening

(1) You Shouldn't Be Watching Or Drawing That You Don't Want Anyone To Know

(2) There Should Not Be Any Of Your Belonging's At Other Peioples House With Private Information About You

(3) There Shouldn't Be Anything On The Einernet That Is Private

(4) If You See A Person eavesdroping Report It To An Adult A.S.A.P Or If It Deosn't Stop Call The Police

(5) Also Make Sure That YouReport Anything Suspicias To A Police So Nothing Bad Happens To anyone

(6) Make Sure That If You have Private Information That You Only Have It In Front Of People You Know You Can Trust And Are Reliable