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LMS Newsletter - Planning, Google Classroom, Vet's Day

Curriculum and Planning Expectations

  • Lesson Plans will be checked weekly and comments will be added periodically. This is in response to teachers requesting feedback prior to observations on how to improve their plans and their achievement in Domain 1. If there is a question within the comments, please consider responding to whichever administrator provided the question for improved understanding on both of our ends.
  • Small groups/workshop model are expected especially in ELA and Math. When planning, a majority of your 80 minute classes should reflect your grade level CCSS. If you would like to discuss this further, please see Jeanene or Kevin for clarification.
  • Study Island data is now updated in the grade level Data Walls on Google Drive. It is expected that you review this achievement data and use it ikn conjunction with your own classroom data to determine groups and intervention activities in your classes. Teachers with BSI students are required to meet with these students in small groups during your 80 minute classes to address specific deficiencies in the content.
  • Data Digs of the district assessment results will begin with Math on October 2. ELA will soon follow during Content Collaboration. Be expected to discuss how you are using the Data Wall to drive instruction in your classroom. I will be walking us through the first Data Dig.
  • Special Education/Resource Room students (other than students who take DLM) are expected to participate in all district assessments.

Google Classroom Reminders

  • The October PLC forms are now available in Google Classroom. Submit your goals for Prep PLC and Staff Meeting PLCs by October 1.
  • To complete and submit, do so directly in Google Classroom. You will see a "Turn In" button in order to submit it. I will review it and return it to you for summary completion at the end of each month.
  • The Staff Meeting PLC is the only one that each individual teacher must submit.

Staff Veteran's Day Survey

Please complete this very brief survey to help us plan another great Veteran's Day here at LMS.

Upcoming Events and Reminders


  • Lesson plans need to be posted by Monday morning.
  • Walkthroughs and observations are under way. Kevin and I will do walkthroughs during normally scheduled academics and Learning Zone.
  • Please do not alter your classes and schedules due to assemblies.

Upcoming Events

  • 9/27 - Science Collaboration during LZ
  • 9/29 - Clean Communities Concert Assemblies
  • 10/1 - PLC goals and groups due in Google Classroom
  • 10/9 - SGO drafts due to administration

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