Hispanic Heritage Month

By Jacie Garrett

Jamie Escalante

Jamie Escalante was an educator for calculus from Garfield High School, East Los Angeles, California. He was born December 31, 1930 and pasted away March 30, 2010.

Paragraph about Jamie Escalante

Jamie had a lot of success working at Garfield High School. Like the struggle for teaching kids that were "violent" but he continued to help them strive for success. In 1992 kids from his class took a huge test in a compition and they did so well on it that the company thought they had all cheated. They were then disqualified because they were Hispanic and from a poor school. The kids took the test again a little while later to show that they had knowledge. When everyone had passed Jamie Escalante was known for beig the best teacher ever. They even made a book and movie just on him being a good teacher. But when he moved to another school in Sacramento he did not find the same success there and didn't find his job enjoyable anymore so he retired in 1998. Jamie was a very successful teacher. And he was loved by many on how good of a teacher he was, he changed many lifes.

Fun Facts

Jamie died in March 2010 after a long struggle with cancer. He had a wife named Fabiola, and they had two sons. Jamie was rewarded many awards one being the Presidential Medal for Excellence and was in the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 1999.