The electric light

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison made the Electric Light bulbs. He made the it in 1880. The electric light bulbs help people so much because before electric light people were using lanterns, but today they have electric light. but still most people don't have electric light. They was still using lanterns because they can't afford the money. In my country Somalia only 25% has the electric light. But 90% has the lanterns light.If you have the lanterns light you not able to watch the news and the TV, but if you have the electric light you can watch TV and television. lanterns and electric light are big different. because the electric you can do what ever you want to do. but the lanterns aren't the same thing. A lot people has electric light today but most of us doesn't have the electric light. They still have the lanterns light

Electric light help people

how to people use the electric light

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People were using the lantern before the electric light