Forensic Psychologist

Tori Griffith Mrs Schneemann 8th period

Job Description

In this field of psychology they are here to punish and prevent crimes. They assess people who plead insanity and look at why the commit crimes, they study the crime scene and give testimonies in court.

Job Information

Some positions in this field are: Criminal profiler, counseling at risk youth, Non profit lobbyist, provide counseling and treatment to criminals at prisons, halfways houses, mental health centers and psychiatric hospitals, or become a professor in undergraduate/graduate programs. The salary range is $35,333-103,575 with a median of $86,510 annually

Working Conditions and Job Outlook

You can work in police stations, courthouses and law firms but also in prisons jails and juvenile detention centers. They work a lot of hours analyzing cases but are well payed and have good benefits. Over the next few years the career demand will keep increasing and is expected to raise by 19% by 2018

Training and Education Requirements

Must have a bachelors degree but will normally be required to have a masters degree by a law firm or business they are being hired into. Along with that you must complete a full police training course before you get your certification