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In the News... Apr. 8, 2016

...and another week has come to a close. This year is just flying by! We have had another busy, but fun week.

We have a lot going on with writing! We are working on our individual fairy tales, group fairy tales, and we are also trying to put together our Eagle Research. We started on our Glog for this as well.

Today the boys and girls wrote persuasive letters to me. They had to persuade me on who they would like to have in their group on the field trip. The LOVED writing their letters, addressing the envelopes, stamping them and putting them in the mailbox. They are super excited about going to the museum and I know it will be a blast. All week we looked at different things they were going to encounter as they explored. We watched some interactive videos and had some great discussions. They learned about insects, wildlife, types of lands such as the wetlands, they explored fossils (which they LOVED) and learned about dinosaurs. We also talked about weather, crash tests/seat belts, space and so much more. They have built some great background knowledge that should help facilitate some good conversations at the museum.

Our field trip is on Tuesday. We will be leaving WSES at 9:30 so please make sure your child comes to school on time that day. We will not wait for students who are tardy. Only the students and staff are permitted to ride on the buses due to liability issues. Parent chaperones are encouraged to either carpool with other parents or meet us at the museum. We should be there by 10:30. I will be giving chaperones a checklist of exhibit as well as times for special events that are occurring throughout the day during our time at the museum. Please remember to pack your child's lunch if you did not order one by the due date; ALL lunches should be packed in a disposable bag. Please do not send in Tupperware or cooling packs as we will be throwing everything away once lunch is done. I will providing the kids with a snack after the trip is over. Also your child should wear comfortable clothes this includes tennis shoes and NO sandals or flip flops. We will be wearing our class T-shirts so have your child wear a thin undershirt that will be comfortable to wear under our class shirt. Sunscreen should be applied at home and cannot be done at school. Your child DOES NOT need his/her bookbag on Tuesday as we will not be entering the building once we return to school. Anything that they bring in will have to stay in the classroom until Wed. Remember to be in the school parking lot by 4:30/45. Your child will have missed buses that afternoon and you will HAVE to pick them up. Please be mindful and be on time as I cannot leave until all the kids in my class have been picked up and I have my family to get to afterwards. I will send all these reminders again on Monday. Let me know if you have any questions.

Before I close the newsletter, I just wanted to ask again for volunteers for the Baby Bengal Bash. We have only had one parent volunteer and Mrs. Landmark has had 3. We are in need of 2 more volunteers from our class. Please consider helping out. It's a great opportunity for your child to be a leader as they help lead the station. If you sign up, your child will earn a prize from the prize box too.

I really hope you all have a super, restful weekend. We have only a week and 2 days left then it's track out! The kids are so deserving of a nice long break...and so is there teacher ;-)

Take Care,

Ms. Gower

Please Sign up for The Baby Bengal Bash


  • Baby Bengal Bash- Sign up if you can! We need two more volunteers!! Scroll up and click the link.

  • Field Trip- Read over the paragraph inside the "In The News" section of our newsletter about the field trip. Lots of information in there to help you prepare.

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