Life As We Knew it

Noah Marino

plot summary

The plot of this story is about a normal family until a asteroid hit he moon.When the asteroid hit the moon a lot of things changed the moon started to get closer to earth.tis was a bad thing because it messed up the tidal waves and the coast were starting to flood the there were earthquakes.later in the story volcanoes started to popup every where and were starting to erupt and ash spread from coast to coast.People were freaking out and going crazy.Miranda's mom picked her up during school and they went to the supermarket and they all got more than 2 cart fulls.the place was a madhouse of people fighting for food and other things.then they went to other stores to get candles and food for horton. then matt and johnny and mom got the flu towards the end of the book and miranda had to take care of them.


There are many themes to this story the most important one is that family comes first before anything. This theme plays a big roe because miranda's mom wants her kids to worry more about the family than others.the other theme is that think of the present not the future. this is another big part of the


The setting of the story took place in Pennsylvania.Most of the story took place at the familys house but it also took place in town and Millers pond .Throughout the story the setting change from spring ,summer, fall and winter.