G & T Saturday Quads

3 Rounds, G70, D5

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Dear Quad Families,

We are excited to announce that starting this Saturday, we will be using players LIVE RATINGS! This will allow for greater Quad pairing accuracy, as players ratings fluctuate greatly between Monthly published ratings!

Can't wait for Saturday!

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Coach Russ

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Fall Dates

  • September 24th - Results
  • October 1st - Results

  • October 8th - Results

  • October 15th

  • October 22nd

  • October 29th

  • November 5th

  • November 12th - Grand Prize Day

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Live Tournament Updates

You can now follow all of the live action online!

Live Action

Season Standings

Weekly Prizes:

  • $25 for anyone who wins their Quad!

  • $50$ for Anyone going 3 - 0 (Perfect Game)

Players Receive:

  • 6 points per win

  • 3 points per draw

Prize Conversion:

  • Max Points = 8 Weeks * 18 points (Perfect Score) = 144
  • Max Payout = $50 (Winning Quad) * 8 = $400
  • Anything over 55 Points = $5 per point = $445
  • $400 + $445 = $845

Week # 3 Standings

New - Team Standings & Prizes

Each week the player winning their quad will have their school recognized on the USCF cross-tables. At the end of the season, the team who has accumulated the most quad wins will have their school's name inscribed on our 1st ever Quad Cup.

Team Standings

New - DGT Live Stream

Each week at The G & T Quads, two sets of DGT boards will live stream quad games directly online. The live streamed Quads will vary week to week giving every player throughout the season the opportunity to have their game broadcast live.

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Support the G & T Quads

The G & T Quads provide the opportunity for a unique and diverse cross section of NYC students to come together and build community through chess. 100% of your donations will go directly towards providing registration scholarships into the G & T Quads.

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