History of Rock and Roll

Andrew Jenders, Hour 1, Epilogue

The Start of It All

In the 50's, music like big band and R&B had massive control on the pop charts. It wasn't until a radio worker named Alan Freed, in Cleveland, combined all of the popular music and gave it an electric sound. This new genre of music became known as rock and roll and started taking the US by storm. By the year of 1953, there were multiple rock and roll artists that were popping up everywhere and, their songs were topping the charts. All of the record labels wanted to get their hands on the new rock and roll artists because they were a big hit. In the late 50's, one of those big record companies in Memphis would sign one of the most famous artists ever, Elvis Presley. From then on, it took off. (Alan Freed is seen in the top right)

The Roaring 60's

In the turn of the 60's, rock became the most popular music genre. Songs from rock artists were topping the charts everyday. More classical styles like Elvis and Buddy Holly began to disappear and were replaced by new and more modern types of rock and roll. Bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones became popular. With the new modernization, there were new genres introduced like psychedelic rock and hard rock/heavy metal that began. African American artists also became increasingly popular than before. People began appearing on different TV shows and were guest starring. Not only did people begin performing on TV but, this was when outdoor concerts and festivals began. In fact, Woodstock, one of the most famous outdoor concerts, was held in New York in 1969, at the end of the decade. Even though there were many ground breaking artists in 60's, the one band that topped the charts was The Beatles, an iconic and well known rock band even today.

The 70's Through the 90's

In the seventies, The Beatles broke up and with the deaths of artists like Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, other artists began to appear. Bands started to play in big stadiums and arenas and the genres of punk and glam rock became popular. This decade also brought the death of the rock legend Elvis Presley. In the eighties, hip hop and heavy metal were introduced and became popular. Women artists started to make chart toppers and there were TV channels like MTV and VH1 that started showing music news and videos. The nineties brought genres like grunge and alternative rock. Famous bands of this decade were REM, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana.

The New Century

In the new century of rock, things kind of took a turn. Rap and pop took over and appealed to a mass audience of the new generation. The new rock of the 2000's was a spin off of the genres of heavy metal and alternative rock. Different bands started to evolve from these new genres. One popular genre that has developed from the new age is indie rock that branched off from alternative rock.

Famous Rock Bands

My Reflection

I thought that this project, like others, was really interesting and I did learn a lot. I found it interesting that all of these genres of music that seemed like their own thing came from some sort of rock and roll. Overall, this has expanded my knowledge in another area of pop culture and it is an area that I really enjoy. (Rock and roll hall of fame on the right)

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