Award: 20,000,000


Adolf Hitler is a threat to the United States. We need him to be taken out. Adolf Hitler is wanted dead or alive, the award is reasonable for what he is doing to us! He is ordering people to sink our U.S. Navy ships and cargo ships. The Germans are firing on U.S. destroyers. The threat is becoming an increasing problem, he keeps killing more and more Americans. This must stop.

Hitler is attacking our allies. He is launching attacks on Great Britain. Then he is sending tanks and troops into France, soon he took it over. This puts us, as Americans, in a bad spot. We do not want to join the war, if we take Hitler out this will eliminate most of our problems. We want to protect out allies without getting into the big mess of the war. Most likely, if Hitler is killed WWII will end.

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Reasons why Adolf Hitler is wanted

1) Hitler is attacking our allies.

2) Hitler is a cruel person, a mass murderer

3) He has attacked our ships

4) He is allies with Japan, and they bombed Pearl Harbor

5) He has brainwashed his country into believing Jews are evil.

Central Beliefs

1) We will protect our allies no matter what.

2) Our country runs on liberty.

3) Our country runs on freedom.

4) Our country believes in Justice, and we will make Adolf pay for what he has done.

5) We work together as a country, if we work together we can take Hitler out. America is a team.