Parkwood Preview

September 2020

Principal's Post

We have finished our first week! It looked much different than other returns to school but overall things went very smoothly. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding working through our traditional and online learning options. We had many successes this week! Recess and lunch went very smoothly and the kids did a PHENOMENAL job of wearing the masks and washing their hands thoroughly.

QManager and Dismissal

Unfortunately, our QManager for Parents App did not work as well as we had hoped. We are asking you to continue writing names of all students (and grade level) you are picking up on a piece of paper placed on your front dash so staff are able to see. We are changing our dismissal to outside by the pine trees, instead of inside. Students will be separated by grade levels and called when you arrive to the cones. If your child is not a car rider and you are meeting them by the IMC doors, please wait in the grass area by the ramp. Students will be dismissed at 2:55pm. If there is inclement weather, we will dismiss students from inside the building like we did this week. We may revisit QManager once the kinks get worked out. I will communicate this if we decide to use it!

Our preschool dismisses at 2:45pm. We had to change the pickup area for our preschoolers to the front of the building. If you see cars picking up students in the front of the building, they are picking up preschoolers! Our daycare vans will wait until all preschoolers are in their cars and dismissed before they come to the front of the building by 2:55pm. Many thanks for your patience this week as we worked the kinks out.

Director's Order Face Coverings

The attachment below is information about the use of facial coverings in the educational setting. You may have already read this information. Our students are doing a fantastic job wearing their masks. Thank you for preparing your child(ren) and supporting us during this pandemic!

Counselor's Corner

Welcome back to Parkwood Elementary! It’s so exciting to see familiar faces again after this extra time apart and to welcome new staff and students as well!

As we begin to welcome back our students into the school setting and learn to navigate new school expectations and some uncertainty around the coming months, it is normal for kids to feel some anxiety about change and the unknown. When anxiety is not managed and becomes overwhelming, it can impact both the brain and body, causing feelings of sadness or helplessness. Here are a few things you can do to help ease your child’s transition back to school!

1. MODEL POSITIVITY: Kids learn from our example. Look for the HELPERS! –and Talk about the things people are doing together to help each other and stay healthy.

2. KEEP A ROUTINE: The familiarity of a routine brings a sense of calm and control during a difficult time that feels uncertain. Providing structure to the day is helpful (and the school setting will help tremendously with this as well)!

3. TIME TO TALK: Set aside a time to check in with your child and talk about how they are feeling about the return to school and as they adjust to the first few weeks. Let their questions and comments guide your conversation.

4. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL: Instead of dwelling on worries outside of our control, teach your child to focus on what they can control and offer opportunities for them to exercise more choice or provide input when possible!

5. STRESS RELIEF: Engage in and encourage opportunities for stress relief including exercise, outdoor time, art/crafting activities or deep breathing strategies (ie. butterfly, bumblebee or rainbow breath—your child has learned these at school).

**If your child is struggling with the return to school more than what you feel is manageable at home, please don’t hesitate to contact me for support!

We will pick back up with “Mindful Moments” beginning in September. Each morning, all students will participate in a brief (1-5 min) mindfulness activity that helps students to practice focused attention and calming their busy brains and bodies before beginning their day.

September will also mark the beginning of New Student groups to assist and support our 1st -5th grade students who are new to the district with their transition to Parkwood!

Parkwood will continue to offer our “Backpack Buddies” program, supported by Feed the Creek. This program is intended to support the nutritional needs of our young, developing children of families experiencing financial hardships. Participating students will be provided weekly with a free bag of food to take home, prepare and eat over the weekend. The food items will be delivered discretely and care will be taken not to draw attention to the child. This program is available in many neighboring communities such as Centerville and Kettering and we are excited to be able to offer it to our Parkwood families. Participation in the program is optional. If you have not received a permission slip for this program and would like additional information please contact me at 937-458-2336 or .

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you or your child. I am looking forward to working with our families and community to continue to support our students at Parkwood Elementary!

PTO Virtual Boosterthon Kickoff

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 8:15am

Parkwood Elementary School September 8-17, 2020

Our Boosterthon Fun Run will look different this year! We are going virtual and having a Virtual Panther Dance on September 17, replacing the Fun Run. More information will be sent next week!

PTO Parent Letter

Upcoming Events

Sept 2 - Character Education Day - The Golden Rule

Sept 7 - No School - Labor Day

Sept 8-17 – PTO Virtual Boosterthon

Sept 8 – Boosterthon Kickoff

Sept 17 - Panther Virtual Boosterthon Dance

Sept 24 - PTO First Zoom Meeting - 6:30pm