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Resources for Reading and Writing Workshop

It's hard to believe that the end of the year is approaching! I recently read two blog posts by Pernille Ripp with strong messages for all of us. I highly encourage you to take a minute to read them...

On Counting Down the Days

To the Very Last Day

This newsletter includes ideas to encourage your students to write this summer, a few new book recommendations, information about the 2017 Global Read Aloud and a post on the importance of read aloud. I hope you find this collection of resources helpful!

Happy Reading!


Ideas to Support Summer Writing

A Few Games to Inspire Writing

You can use these games in your classroom or include them in an end of the year newsletter to encourage parents to use these ideas at home!

Keep Learning Going Throughout the Summer

Great bingo boards for primary and upper elementary classrooms! I am planning to send the intermediate writing board home with my Title 1 students this summer to encourage them to write. You can use these tools in your classroom or send them home with your writers this summer!

Books to Inspire Writing

Check out these outstanding titles to inspire our writers!

For more outstanding blog posts to support your writing workshop, visit!

Join the Global Read Aloud ~ Fall 2017

Sign up for the 2017 Global Read Aloud! You can sign up now to participate in the 2017 Global Read Aloud! The dates for this outstanding opportunity are October 2 - November 10. Check out the 2017 Book Selections!

New Book Recommendations

The Value of Read Aloud ~ New Book Recommendations

Storytime: What Matters Most Cannot Be Measured

A great blog post from David Rockower about the importance of read aloud.

"And this is what every teacher knows: when our students are transfixed, they are learning. When they beg us to continue painting vivid images of adventure, curiosity, and human interaction–images that each student sees slightly differently because of his or her unique perspective–we know they are learning. And after we close the book and hear them talking about the characters, their experiences, and what might happen next, we know they are learning."

Check out these links for new book recommendations!

50 Brilliant Books for Summer by Scholastic

Top 10 Picture Books for Read Alouds

Best Summer Books, 2017 from Publishers Weekly

WES Nonfiction March Madness Winner - 2017

Pink is for Blobfish was our 2017 March Madness Nonfiction Picture Book Champion! This fabulous book would be a great addition to all of our classroom libraries! You can find it in paperback in the Scholastic book order. If you find an outstanding informational book that should be included in the 2018 Nonfiction March Madness tournament, let me know! Happy Reading!
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