2nd Quarter Project: Phase 4

By: Kallie Dilliner

Chemical Professional Interview

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Who I Interviewed & What Chemicals They Use On The Job

I interviewed the school custodian. A custodian is a person employed to clean and maintain the school buildings. They use different chemicals when cleaning bathrooms, class rooms, and even messes (like throw up). Some of the chemicals the custodian said they use are glycerin- found in Green Apple Foaming Hand Soap, nonionic surfactant- found in Betco, chloride- found in Bathroom Brite, amorphous silica- found in D- Vour, and special emulsifiers- found in Kleenit (Chisel).

How The Chemicals Are Used On The Job

These chemicals have all different purposes for cleaning. Kleenit is used to remove grease and fatty oil from surfaces. Betco is a dust mop treatment used to clean the mop after it has been used on the ground. D- Vour is a chemical used to detract throw up from a surface so when you go to wipe it off it easily comes off of the surface easily because it was lifted off of it. Bathroom Brite is a germ cleaner and freshener used on bathroom surfaces like tile. Lastly, Green Apple Hand Soap is frequently stored in all hand soap dispensers to clean germs off of your hands.

Safety Precautions When Using Chemicals

When handling these chemicals there are precautions taken to ensure safe use. All the chemicals said avoid eye contact and to avoid internal contact, like drinking the chemical. And if you do get any of the chemicals in your eye to immediately wash your eyes out under water. Bathroom Brite, Betco, and Kleenit provide the instructions to always wear suitable eyewear and gloves when being handled. Betco and Kleenit also state that if your clothing should get any type of chemical on it, to contaminate your clothing immediately.

My Questions

I asked the custodian what chemicals he uses every day. He explained to me that they have been changing the chemicals a lot lately so it’s hard to determine which ones he uses every single day. Besides that matter, he said out of the ones he provided me with, he uses Bathroom Brite, Betco, and Green Apple Hand Soap most often. The second question I asked him was, “What are the chemicals stored in?” They are stored in 4-1 gallon plastic bottles. All in all, the custodian was very helpful on helping me understand what chemicals he uses and how he uses them.

Research Of My 3 Chemicals

Area & Chemical Names

I was assigned to do the kitchen area to find chemicals. My 3 chemicals are ammonium, citric acid, and bleach. Ammonium is used in Bath & Body Works Soap and is used to clean bacteria off of your body. When you use it, you apply it to your skin, rub it in, and wash it off. When using this, avoid eye contact. My next chemical is citric acid, which is found in orange juice. It's used for flavoring when you drink juice. The warnings are to keep refrigerated and to not drink if it is expired. My last chemical is bleach found in Clorox. You use it to clean and disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces. Take precaution when using bleach because it is an eye and skin irritant.