Scholastic News

First Grade Teachers' Office Hours

Should you need any help during this eLearning Day, you will be able to contact us at school during the Open Lab days that have been scheduled.

Mrs. Martin Mon., 2:45-5:30, Thurs., 2:45-4:00

Mrs. Shew Thurs., 3:00-5:30, Sat., 7:45-9:15

Mrs. Edington Mon., 2:45-5:00, Sat., 9:00-10:45

Lesson Objectives

Students will learn about the life cycle of a plant especially a strawberry.

Time (45 minutes)


Scholastic News

"Red, Ripe, Strawberries"

Please read the magazine.

Scholastic News Site Information

Once in, you will find a speaker button on the lower toolbar. Click on the speaker button, and the magazine will be read to you. Only the back page of the magazine will not be read to the viewer.

Scholastic App at School

If you are at school using an iPad, tap on the Scholastic Magazine app. You will then type in the password: hotshots1b.


Story Sequencing

Look at pages 2 and 3 of "Red, Ripe Strawberries" of the magazine to finish "A Strawberry's Life" paper.
life cycle of a strawberry, first grade


After watching the "Life Cycle of a Plant" video, please complete the Parts of a Strawberry Plant paper. Please return this paper in your First Grade eLearning Packet to return to your teacher on May 23.

Plant Life Cycle - Kids Educational Videos


How Do Strawberries Grow?

When completed, please return the paper to your First Grade eLearning Packet to return to your teacher on May 23.


Explore the following if you need additional help understanding this lesson!

Return to your Scholastic News magazine. Read the article on the back page and complete the questions.