Oh no

by Avery


Since Elly got her jellyfish she has been researching it. Now this was the same kind of jellyfish that made Melvin a teenager but Elly didn't know that. So Elly took some goo from the jellyfish and tried it. Two minutes later she felt tingling in her body and then she turned into a 2 year old. Whenever her mom came to see what she was doing she saw a 2 year old but no Elly. Elly's mom stared at the toddler and said,"Elly?" and Elly said,"What?" Her mom was so shocked to see her daughter was a teen 1 hour ago and now a 2 year old. She said,"How did you get like this?" and Elly said," I don't know I'm only 2." Elly's mom ran out of Elly's room and went straight to the phone to call Melvin who was in Australia. He answered and said,"What do you want I'm playing with the koalas?" Elly's mom said,"You need to come home right now!" Melvin said,"Why? I'm having the best time of my life with the koalas!" "Just come home right away!, said Elly's mom. "Fine", said Melvin "But this better be good!" and he hung up the phone. Eight hours later Melvin was at the house. Immediately Elly's mom ran straight to him grabbed his arm and tugged him to Elly's room where Elly the toddler was playing with her old toddler toys .Melvin wondered who that was and then he knew it was Elly. He said,"Oh no!" Then Elly mimicked him and said,"Oh no!" and laughed.