Analog Vs Digital Q and A

by Isaiah Thompson

What kind of tech is considered Analog?

-Thermometers, clocks, and barometers.


-Because each use "hands" or mercury to represent a measurement.

What kind of tech is considered Digital?

-Calculators, phones, and digital watches.


-Because they each use screens that show (or can show) a measurement using numbers.

What makes Analog signals preferred over Digital?

What makes Digital Signals preferred over Analog?

-They are very cost efficient.

-They can travel much farther distances than analog.

-They carry more information.

-They have the ability to be stored or preserved.

Why would Analog tech be preferred over digital tech?

-They are more reliable (accurate).

-They don't all require batteries.

-They are commonly used already (being used to something can fluctuate, or change, preference).

Why would Digital tech be preferred over Analog tech?

-They are easier to manufacture (make).

-They are easier to read.

-They are innovative and appealing.