2016? Brrrrring it on!

highlights from my first peach year evah.

reflections, gaffes & giggles

Friends: I wanted to clear up any rumors you may have heard. No, I haven't completely lost my mind. Yes, it's true, I even surprised myself this year by joining forces with a start-up in the lingerie and basic apparel industry. It's been a remarkable year and I am forever grateful for the encouragement, patience and enthusiastic purchases from so many of you; my loyal peach advisors, ambassadors, and customers scattered throughout the globe.

If you procrastinated your private peach fitting in 2015, I have great news---it's a NEW YEAR and I'm still here! For those of you who've already enjoyed your peach experience and spread the word, THANK YOU! Now I'm inviting you to read and share this update with your friends who haven't yet heard of peach, and perhaps to consider joining my growing team in 2016! Look forward to hearing from you. ---Fondly, Rebecca

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Peach is revolutionizing the way women buy bras. We are providing personalized service and beautifully designed solutions to a real problem: 80% of women are settling for bras that are ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or falling apart. YIPES, what's up with THAT? Peach gives YOU a real opportunity to help support fellow women (literally) and yourself (financially)! You can launch your own business at your own pace and set your own hours. Members of my team work from 5 to 45 hours per week and each sets her own financial and personal goals and objectives. Most work part-time in addition to other obligations. New stylists are joining continually: there are 150 from 28 US states and counting. Peach provides starter kits, training, new product development, marketing, web-based ordering, fulfillment, customer service, and lots of camaraderie. There is NO glass ceiling at peach. Contact me to learn more about a starter kit. ---Rebecca Moore, momtrepreneur and peach stylist
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