The World Made Straight

By: Ron Rash

The World Made Straight

Book Review by will bailey

Have you ever thought to your self, what if i find something and it could change my life? Well, in the book "The World Made straight" by Ron rash that happens to Travis.

Travis just got done helping his dad load up tobacco to take to the market. It was a hot summer day and all Travis wanted to do was to go fishing in the river 10 miles from his house. when he got done he got in his old truck and started heading to his favorite fishing hole on the river. Travis waded down the river farther then he does and came up to a field full of marijuana plants. Travis does not know a lot about weed but he does know people pay a lot of money for it. He gets a couple of plants and goes to his best friends house who knows a lot about pot. His best friend tells him how much this find can change his life and he even know a man that would buy all the marijuana from him.

In this book its goes through his life very well it shows the ups and downs Travis has when it comes to selling weed. I like this book show much because it is so realistic, nothing comes east for Travis everything he wants he has to work for. People in this book turn on him, people who hated him before the weed love him know. My favorite part about this book is that not one chapter is the same something new happens all the time. If you love action and suspense you have to read this amazing book by Ron Rash

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