By: Annie Bounds 2nd period

About Christianity

Christianity followers are called Christians. The word Christians comes from Christ which means Jesus and ians means follower. So Christianity means Christ Follower. Christians believe Jesus Christ is our savior and he crucified and died, and rose on the third day into heaven. Some traditions is celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas and going to church on Christmas eve or Christmas morning. Another tradition is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on Easter, and we go to church on that morning to celebrate. A place of worship for Christians is a church were we go on Sunday to worship and pray to Jesus. The Holy book is the Holy Bible and it has the Old Testament which is all the stories before Jesus was born. Also there is a New Testament were it talks about the birth and resurrection of Jesus. Another thing that is in the New Testament is the Holy Gospel part which is the first 3 books Matthew, Mark, and Luke and that is the part were it tells the story of Jesus and the rest of the New Testament is more stories. Holy days and Holidays are Christmas which celebrates the life of Jesus, Easter is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, Good Friday is about the start of Lent, and Ash Wednesday is that Christians celebrate the first day of lent by putting a cross shape on their forehead with ashes. Some holy cities are Bethlehem which that was where Jesus was born, and Jerusalem which was were a lot of Bible stories are in.

Beside God Abraham is common to all religious figure.

A view of God for all 3 religions is that they only believe in one God.