REFRESH Newsletter

Vol. 6, April 13, 2015

Week 6 Tip: Using Gmail PART 2

For those still using Mac Mail (the Postage Stamp) you need to move your mail to "the Google Cloud" if you want to keep it. To do this follow these simple instructions. See your Tech Facilitator, Media Coordinator, or Help Desk Manager for assistance.

To move mail from Gmail to google mail….

  • In Mac Mail (the postage Stamp) if there is not a folder there, Create Folder under MGSD iMap
  • Mailbox…. new mailbox….scroll till you see MGSD iMap
  • Name same thing as existing folder….
  • Highlight emails and drag to the iMap folder…

Also, MHS ITFs and the Help Desk have create a great webpage for Google Mail resources:

Anticipated Deployment of New Faculty Machines

We anticipate deployment of new faculty machines between June 1 and June 9, 2015, so plan accordingly. Exact school deployment dates will be announced soon!

Teacher Machine Stats:

13" MB Air

256 GB Hard Drive (2x Current)

4GB Ram (2x Current)