Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * February 1, 2016


This week we’ll consider the question, “How do you find important story characters?” First, we’ll read Violet’s Music, a realistic fiction story about a girl who loves making music with her friends. We will also read Wolfgang Mozart, Child Superstar, a biography about the real life of this famous composer and musician.

Target Vocabulary: nursery, shake, smooth, whenever, hours, alone, real, museum

Phonics Skills: Vowel digraphs (ai, ay)

Vocabulary Strategy: Figurative language/idioms

Comprehension Skill: Story structure – tell the setting, character and plot in a story

Comprehension Strategy: Question – ask questions about what you are reading

The students have a fun Writing Workshop project this week. They will transform their Valentine boxes into a display piece about themselves. Using familiar graphic and text features; heading, photo, caption, text, list, illustration and labels, the students will use each side of the box to inform a reader about themselves. It will be a “lovely” keepsake of their time in second grade.


Lesson 5-11 - Adding Multi-digit Numbers (2-day lesson)
  • Mentally add and subtract 10 and 100
  • Solve a subtraction number story and talk about their strategies
  • Discuss their subtraction strategies and the importance of attending to the units in the number story
  • Model a shopping problem and show two different strategies for finding the sum of two prices
  • Vocabulary - open number line
Lesson 5-12 - Review and Unit 5 Progress Check
  • Complete Self-Assessment
  • Find coin combinations for 75 cents and explain how they know on of the combinations equals 75 cents
  • Complete Unit 5 Assessment
  • Preview Unit 6

Social Studies

We have completed Unit 3 of our Social Studies curriculum; Our Earth. We will spend our first lesson of the week reviewing the key vocabulary, concepts and skills that were introduced and taught throughout the unit. The students will bring home a review sheet on Wednesday to study for Friday's test.

We will continue to learn and practice how to work together in a cooperative group. It is important for each student work to the best of their ability.

Happy Birthday! Paxton February 7th


  • February 4th - Unit 3 Social Studies Test
  • February 5th - Unit 5 Math Test
  • February 12th - No School - Teacher In-Service
  • February 15th - No School - President's Day
  • February 19th - Book Orders due
  • February 26th - W.E.B. Projects due