Endangered Animals

By: Jesse Brockman

Where does it live

The bald eagle makes it home in North America and tends to live by lakes or bodies of water that are 10 sq kilometers in length and width (to catch fish)

What does it eat

Bald Eagles can eat a lot of things, they mostly prey on fish from the lake but can eat small mammals like rabbits, rodents, and other birds. Basically like any other bird of prey.

Why Bald Eagles are becoming extinct.

The Bald Eagle is coming extinct because they are being hunted and there natural habitat is being destroyed (forest). But in the last few years the Bald Eagle population has risen and is getting better. Another big reason that Eagles were becoming endangered because of Pb Cs which affected the eggs of the eagles and caused deformity, but now Pb Cs are going away and the eagle population is on the rise