By: Lizzy


  1. The biggest drawback of Facebook is that it has a very narrow border line between favorite pass time and addiction.
  2. People busy in their lives feel easy to communicate through Facebook but at times it becomes very annoying when virtual communication takes place of real life meetings.
  3. Facebook has given rise to gossiping as well, as people have found an easy way to get updates about others personal lives.
  4. Involving others even in your small decisions or forcing your ideas in others decisions is hazardous for personal penalty
  5. Being a part of your family members’ life is good, but knowing about each and every moment of others personal lives can prove to be very dangerous at times.
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  1. It helps people keep in touch with their family and friends.
  2. People who are shy can easily share their thoughts and feelings
  3. You can connect with old friends and reconnect your bond
  4. You can find friends with common interests
  5. Persons who are restricted to their homes due to any sort of disability or environmental factors find a way to deal with their isolation.
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