"Learn Like A Champion" March 5 - 19, 2021

Heroes Work Here! Thank you to ALL Frank Ledesma Staff! We ROCK!

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Frank Ledesma Spring Book Fair

Monday, March 1st, 7:30am to Sunday, March 14th, 11:45pm

Virtual 24/7 Book Fair

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Thank you to everyone that participated in Dr. Seuss's Birthday Day! March 2, 2021!

LCAP GOAL 2 and 4 Read Across America on Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

Several guest readers appeared in some classrooms. Special Guest Readers included Board Member Ivan Ibarra, Mayor of Soledad Anna Velazquez, and Counselor Hillary Chambers. It was a lot of fun! Thank you, special guests.
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LCAP GOAL 3 Student SEL and the Importance of Laughter

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak

Our awesome school counselor Miss Hillary discussed how everyone benefits from nice laughter in a good way and in a friendly way. We laugh at funny books, movies, and enjoyable moments. We never laugh at someone in a mean way. Good laughter is healthy and brings people together. Miss Hillary read and acted out the hilarious book that had many silly words in it. Without pictures, the reader (Miss Hillary) provided the expressions and humor! Students learned about being good friends, brothers, and sisters along with the benefits of good-natured laughter. The students' faces showed how much they loved her reading and laughed along with her.
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LCAP GOAL 2 and 5 The Importance of the Professional Learning Community to Student Learning

'Factors of Professional Learning Community Implementation and Effect on Student Achievement'

Researchers are beginning to study how Professional Learning Communities (PLC) have an effect on student achievement. Recent research projects have found a correlation between PLC schools and improved student achievement. Further research is focusing on exactly HOW PLCs boost student achievement. A recent peer-reviewed article written by Matthew Burns et al. (2018) published in the Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation examined correlations between PLCs and student learning outcomes.

The basis of what the factors are when looking at PLC implementation in schools came from the work of DuFour, Eaker, Hord, Buffum, Mattos, and Weber found in numerous books and publications. It is common knowledge among educators that PLCs create a culture of collaboration to enhance student learning. Not all educators are convinced the PLC makes a difference.

According to this research study by Burns et al. (2018), the PLC appears to make a significant difference in student achievement, especially in elementary school mathematics. The research did find significant connections between achievement in Communication Arts (ELA) as well. Further study needs to be conducted by researchers to determine the effect of PLCs.

Exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analyses resulted in two broader constructs that represented PLC attributes. Collaborative leadership processes and data-driven systems for learning both correlated significantly with student achievement. Basically, the researchers found that schools claiming to be PLC schools usually don't show a significant impact on student achievement unless there is a highly effective use of student formative assessment data.

Many supposed PLC schools in the country do not fully implement PLCs to a highly effective level. The learning cycle is not implemented with fidelity, and there may not be a commitment or capacity to make instructional/learning changes based on student common formative assessment data. The other critical factor in the success of the PLC is collaborative leadership practices. PLC leadership includes administrators and teachers. Without strong teacher leadership in the PLC process, student achievement improvement is impaired or nonexistent.

Previous research found that many school personnel successfully implement other aspects of PLCs but struggle to effectively USE DATA to DRIVE INSTRUCTION. At Frank Ledesma Elementary we recognize the importance of using common formative assessment data for essential standards as the key to improving student achievement. Collaborating isn't enough. Collaborating over student data, and using the results to guide instruction and intervention is the key to improving academic performance.

LCAP GOAL 2 Proficiency for ALL - Virtual Science Field Trip to the Elkhorn Slough

Mrs. Shin's 5th Grade class got to see all kinds of little critters that live in the water and learn about their habitat.

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Important Events This Week:

March 8 - 2nd Non-Meeting Day

March 9 - 3rd Non Meeting Day & I-Ready Training 2:25 - 4:25 pm

March 10 - Board Meeting @ 7:00 pm

March 11 - Happy Thursday :)

March 12 - Non-Student\Teacher Day!

Daylight Saving - Sunday, March 14, 2021

Spring Forward

Don't forget to set clocks ahead

one hour at 2:00 am Sunday!

Upcoming Events:

March 15 - Report Cards Verified & Printed

March 15 - Strings Instrument Repair Drive-By from 10am - 12pm @ Frank Ledesma School

March 16 - Virtual Staff Meeting @ 3:25 pm

March 16 - DELAC Virtual Meeting @ 5:30 pm

March 17 - Aeries Closes for Report Card Data Entry!

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day!

March 18 - Happy Thursday :)

March 19 - Curriculum DLT 8:30am - 12:00pm

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Spring Parent Teacher Conference

Thursday, March 25th, 12pm to Wednesday, March 31st, 3pm

Virtual Conference

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