Book Project

by: Joey Kaminsky

The Hunted by Matt De La Pena

This thrilling book is the 2 book in the series and show the main character shy how he survive in a world plagued with death, destruction, and disease that threatens America's very existence!

In the first book "The Living", Shy is working on a cruse ship just off the Californian bay when America is getting pounded with the worst earth quakes ever recorded in history. Shy meats a girl and falls in love but she has a husband so he get denied. Right after that 2 huge tsunamis' hit the ship with shocking speed! many people were killed but shy gets stranded with a girl and a injured dude hes never met. Shy's grandmother died of a sickness called romeo disease. After many days they end up on a island and when on the sea they found a boat that was abandon and it had medicine that they didnt know about. When they got there they were given shots for the disease but shy thought it was another sickness. Shy slept for a little before they were about to head for California. Shoe Shine the black ops trained army veteran, he also worked on the ship told shy and carmen the girl he liked to not go down their. Then they were lined up to get on the boat then BAM! BAM! BAM! they all were shot dead. Later Shy found out that they CEO of a company named LasoTech had genetically made the disease that was killing every one in America it had even killed his Grandmother. So Shoe Shine, Carmen, and Shy left that island and headed for California Bay. In The Second book "The Hunted" They had made it to California! But they were dis trot about how much the earthquakes had distroyed the land. They headed for the border of California were the scientist were working on a cure for the disease that Shy had form the abandon boat. So they triped there while LasoTech chased them but they made it but shoe shine had died and all was well in America.

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I thought Mad World would fit the action and sadness of the disease.


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There is no trailer for this book since its kinda new.

Critic Review

"Matt de la Peña, best known for gritty urban coming-of-age novels likeMexican WhiteBoy, has made his first foray into the ever-popular teen post-apocalyptic genre. Far from a quick cash grab, de la Peña’s effort, The Hunted, seamlessly incorporates his trademarks (racial identity, class, street slang) into a lightning-paced page-turner. Shy, a teenager working a summer job on a luxury cruise ship, finds himself at the epicenter of a series of mysterious global disasters — earthquakes, tsunamis, a pandemic — although the biggest danger he faces may be the rich, blond Addison, a raftmate more treacherous than Richard Parker in Life of Pi. De la Peña has created a rare thing: a plot-driven YA with characters worthy of a John Green novel." A-

My Review

"Great conflict, amazing, 10 out of 10 would rate again!" - Joey AKA. 'Best Author Ever'