Weekly Geekly

Vol.11 November 4 - November 8, 2013

David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips

What's Important This Week?

Welcome to November (or Movember) !

This is the last week in the grading period. Grades will be due Monday!!! Yup, it's a short one!

One more day of Tech or Treat for my CTE folks! I will be there Tuesday Nov. 5 from 8:30-3:00 by Sherry's office in the old credit union. Stop by and see me!

Cool Tool (and APP!) of the Week- Lucidchart (flowcharts and concept mapping tool)

Lucidchart is an awesome, free, collaborative flowchart creator. Log in to your Google Account and then click "More" on the black bar at the top of the page. Choose Lucidchart. Once you go through this once, Lucidchart will now appear in the "Create" Menu in your Google Drive! It is right there along with Presnetation and Document, you can create a Lucidchart! And what's even better, the collaboration piece works just like your other Google documents. Students can share and collaborate in real time ofn a flowchart, and even share with you!

Is there an App for that? yes! only for iOS though. The app will let you login with your Google account!

Is the App on our school devices? Yes

Tech Integration Tip- Storyboarding

Any time you want your students to create a digital product, have them create a paper and pencil plan first. If you are doing a video, a cartoon, or even a PPT, planning is important! Have them write down all the information first, before they ever start creating. You may need to allow time for playing with the tool if it is new to them, just so they can explore the capabilities before they start to plan. Students tend to dislike the planning step immensely, but it is worth the effort. You will get much better projects at the end! You can also use planning as an opportunity to create checkpoints for student progress, and that can mean more opportunities to gather grades!

Need a storyboard template? Try this one.

I spy...

Last week, the Theater classes made silent movies using the Vintagio app on the iPod Touches. You can see one of the finished projects at the start of this email. Last year they did this same project using Macbooks and iMovie. This app does more than just silent films too. If you are looking for a quick video solution, this is a good one.

Way to go Theater!

Are you using Google Docs or Discovery Ed or a cool app in your classroom? Are you doing anything super cool with Moodle? Let me know and you could be profiled in the Weekly Geekly! Tell me what you are doing by completing this form!