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What is going on around here? Jan/Feb 2016

So- what does one do when one can't sleep because their brain is on OVERLOAD?

Apparently- they work. They get out of bed at 4 AM, call it a night and start putting that useless anxiety into something productive.

You have probably ALL been there before. I am sure many can relate.

So bear with me on this one.

Things are getting real around here!

SHINE opens it's new doors on Monday February 1st. YAY!

There is much to be done before then though. I can't afford to get too far into the celebrating mode just yet. There will be time enough for that when the work is done. (That's my childhood in a nutshell- HA!)

I am so pleased with how the new studio is looking.


It is 100% more "me" than the studio I have been in for 2 years. This will feel like home to me for the first time since SHINE began. I am looking forward to having a place to call my own, where I can hang pictures where I want, paint the walls the color I want, have classes and training when I want and keep it clean and organized like I want. That's a big deal.

There are so many new and exciting things and opportunities that this new studio will provide. There should be ABSOLUTELY no reason why anyone and everyone shouldn't be able to participate and take part in at least some aspect of SHINE.

Just to give you a quick run down of what this new SHINE will have to offer, take a look:

- CLASSES, CLASSES and more CLASSES. Classes of every shape and size offered.

  • MOMMY and ME
  • YOLO ( a less intense, more moderate class for those thinking that less is more)
  • 8:00 AM classes - along with the usual 6:00 and 9:30 AM classes

-NEW INSTRUCTORS. Instructors of every shape and size.

  • ANGELA (oldie but a goodie)
  • AMY (steady as a rock)
  • PAULA (brings a fresh new take on things)
  • MARILYN (bringing the funk at 6 AM)

- CHILD CARE!!!!! (Tell all your friends. It's true)

  • 9:30 AM classes will now have CHILDCARE.
  • Will provide it for other classes if there is a need.


  • New pricing schedule - pricing has just been made less complicated. ( See pricing sheet)

-PUNCH CARDS for all things that need punching.

  • PUNCH CARDS will now be available for many things such as individual classes, SHINE BRIGHT events, Child Care and more (see pricing sheet)


  • EVERYTHING can be done on line now. Go to to schedule classes, pay for things, see pictures, read blog, discover new recipes, find out about upcoming events and service opportunities and a plethora of other things. This website needs to become one of your FAVORITES.


  • SPECIAL FORCES FITNESS - Let instructor Courtney train you, your husband, your teenagers and your dog to do things you never thought possible. These 2 week sessions will literally transform your body, mind and spirit. Give it a try! (see flyer)
  • SHINING STARS PRESCHOOL - Ms. Diana is the perfect teacher for your preschooler. She has more experience than any in the area and is what you might call... "a child whisperer". Winter/Spring spots still available or get on the waiting list for next fall.
  • INSPIRED DANCE- a MODEST dance class. Modest music, modest moves, modest clothing and ALL for a modest price. Ms. Amy has developed a dance curriculum that will blow your socks off. This is a dance company unlike any other.


  • A BENCH TO SIT AND CHANGE YOUR SHOES (side note- it would be lovely if you would all get in the habit of not wearing your gym shoes into the gym. Wear boots, slippers, flip flops or whatever and then when you get inside the studio you can change into your power shoes. Not required at all, but just a nicely preferred suggestion)

And that is just the beginning. Come and see for yourself and bring ALL your friends with you. There is enough SHINE to go around.


No more explanation. Let's do this.

It's time to...RISE and SHINE

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So much for covering the chin look.



February Birthdays:

Tiffany Erickson 2/4

Eden Banzhaf 2/8

Margo Patterson 2/11

Brenda Hansen 2/12

Bonnie Criddle 2/24

Diana Bird 2/23

Lexy Hinson 2/28

Suzanne Jeppsen 2/28


Moving day for SHINE will be on Saturday January 30th- if anyone and/or their family is willing to help out, please let me know. We could use the help.


2825 S Meridian Rd. Ste 100

February Birthday lunch:

Thursday February 4th at 1:00 PM

Location is TBD


Saturday February 6th.

See flyer for exciting details. It's gonna be a PARRRTTAYYY!

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SHINE FORWARD- "We Rise by Lifting Others"

Description of the 1st "branch" of SHINE: Shine FORWARD

"Shine Forward where we focus on reaching out in service to both those in our immediate circles of influence as well as those in the communities in which we live. By consistently reaching out in service we are able to gain greater compassion for others, strengthen our own awareness of the world around us, and rise to meet our own potential".

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Taking all of the donations collected from the "Ugly Sweater Run". Thanks to ALL who came out and supported this event. Many families are warmer tonight because of it.

SHINE PRACTICE- "Mind+ Body+ Spirit

The second branch of Shine is: Shine Practice.

Shine PRACTICE: " It’s about making room for the best parts of yourself; allowing them to come together to shape the best you. Some season’s are meant for sewing and some for reaping. This workshop style class is about making that time and taking advantage of those seasons."

Starting on Tuesday, February 2nd- Amy will be leading a class that is exclusively SHINE PRACTICE. This will be unlike any other class she has done. Amazing things will happen to the minds, bodies and spirits of those who attend regularly.

Please note that this class IS NOT considered one of the "Unlimited Classes" that Shine Fitness offers- so therefore does NOT fall under the monthly rate. It is under the direction of SHINE PRACTICE. One will need to purchase a "punch card" that can be used for this class. In the next few days, we will also be posting a monthly and seasonal price for this class only. So check those out online at under the tab: Shine Practice.

This would be a great class to invite all your yogi friends to- whether they know they are a potential yogi or not. Yoga is a practice designed for EVERYONE! So, come one...come all. See you on the mat.


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SHINE BRIGHT- "Knowledge Empowers"

The 3rd branch of Shine is: SHINE BRIGHT-

With Shine BRIGHT- "we aim to enlighten our minds through personal study as well as through sponsored events namely workshops, seminars, and forums. These events will feature experts in a variety of fields such as health care, education, parenting, finances, etc. As we educate ourselves on a breadth of subjects, we begin to tap into the true capacity of our minds, where we are not only able to do more and know more, but BECOME more".

Rental Facility Info

Now you can rent the SHINE studio and/or the Preschool area and kitchen.

Need a space for:

Birthday Parties

Graduation Parties

Company business meetings

Girls Night out

Baby Showers

Bridal Showers

Game Night

"Dog house"

and lots of other ideas.

Look no further. SHINE is it.

Reasonable prices, beautiful facility and a great location.

Information coming soon. Start planning that PARTY!

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SHINE NUTRITION- SHINE 365 "Hardcore Balance"

The 4th branch of Shine is SHINE NUTRITION where "Everyday Matters"

Under that branch we have SHINE 365- A Healthy Living Support Group where-

Our MISSION is to:

•Provide consistency and accountability through weekly weigh ins, tracking, and follow up.
•Reinforce good habits through education, direction and application.
•Support each individual in their personal journey towards creating and maintaining healthy habits for life.

We are hardcore about being balanced!

This group has soooo much to offer everyone. From the person who only has 5-10 lbs to loose to the person who is looking at numbers that are seemingly insurmountable.

The idea behind this is to provide a non judge mental and non competitive place where people can come for support, ideas and education.

We do this is a variety of ways.

When you join you are put right in to the mix by meeting with our "in house" Registered Dietician and Nutritionist...Andrea Payne, who will help you assess your nutritional goals and plans.

Then you meet with Certified Trainer...Angela Redding, where she will help you figure out a plan to move forward with in terms of exercise and fitness.

Finally you get to meet with Lexy and Carman who are the "real" behind the ideal.

They take the information from Andrea and Angela and help you figure out a way to realistically and positively implement that into your everyday life. They are essentially the life coaches.

They discuss various tracking capabilities, recipes, your story and other things that will ultimately play into the success you will find LONG term in your journey towards health.

They both, as you would say in the business, have... "Been there, done that and got the t-shirt". They, along with Andrea and Angela will form an amazing and motivating support system around you as you take your life day at a time.

No tricks. No gimmicks. No miracle solutions here.

We find success and accomplishments through simply living a life of..."HARDCORE BALANCE".

It works too. Since our first meeting back in August... hundreds of inches have been melted off and pound after pound has been lost- NEVER to find again.

For your convenience- we now have meetings on Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM or Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 PM (Childcare provided).

Don't wait another day trying to do all of this on your own. COME and hang out with us!

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2 for the price of 1.

Choose any character to partner up with on this healthy living journey- but pay only 1 price.

For the month of February...When you sign up for SHINE 365 along with someone else, you will be able to share the cost of the initial $100.00 sign up fee.

Conditions apply:

  • Must sign up at same time
  • The nutrition, fitness and life coach meetings must be done together. No individual consultations.
  • Each person still pays the full monthly membership fee of $30.00 (or if combined with fitness- $60.00)
  • You agree to help hold each other accountable. This is your health buddy.

Call and sign up today.

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SHINE FITNESS- "Rise and Shine"

The 5th and FINAL BRANCH (whew) of Shine is called...SHINE FITNESS.

The purpose of “Shine Fitness” is to help members not only discover their potential, but use it to do amazing things!

Using both accountability and encouragement- Shine Fitness, does just that.

Shine’s small class sizes allow each individual’s needs to be considered when creating a customized workout plan. Our personal trainers take a vested interest in your fitness goals. We want everyone at Shine to truly be able to "RISE and SHINE".

There are too many AMAZING things happening with SHINE FITNESS to be able to express it all here in this little box. So I will do my best to condense it down and then just let the flyers, forms and pictures speak for themselves.Check out the website to be able to see the Winter class schedule along with days and times of classes, read the class definitions, read about the trainers and their experience, schedule the classes you are interested in and pay for everything right then and there. One stop shopping. WAHOO!

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Most of the class sizes will be limited to 15 people. This is on purpose.
  • One of the things that makes SHINE FITNESS what it is today, is the fact that I and the other trainers make a concerted effort to make each of you to feel like you are important to us and we genuinely care about you, your body and your health. At SHINE FITNESS... "EVERY STARFISH MATTERS!!!" (read story on line). The trainers at SHINE will help hold you accountable for your fitness through texts, e-mails, Facebook shout outs and various other things. Just know that "we have our ways."
  • There is DROP IN KID CARE! See pricing sheet for details, but let me just reiterate... WE HAVE DROP IN KID CARE!!!! There is no reason now why all those moms can't get a workout in.
  • 8:00 CLASSES for those that are not early risers, but don't want to work out later in the morning.
  • MOMMY and ME classes
  • YOLO class (read definition on flyer)
  • LUNCH CROWD class
  • TEENAGE classes
  • KIDS Fitness


I can't stress it enough...your fitness is important to me. Not necessarily body shape and size, but your overall health, endurance and strength.

SHINE FITNESS creates and encourages STRONG, HEALTHY and POSITIVE. In whatever form that comes in.

Nothing more, nothing less.

PLEASE invite your friends, family and neighbors to come and see for themselves what SHINE has to offer them. They can always try a class or 2 for FREE and as soon as they decide to stay and pay for 2 months worth of classes, You will get a FREE PUNCH CARD to be used however you see fit. (Shine Practice, Shine Bright, Kid Care, Guest Pass, personal training, individual gym time, etc).

When you have something good, you should share it with your world.

I'm not too proud to say...SHINE is that good thing. SHARE the GOODNESS. Thanks!

Classes start Monday February 1st...

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Winter Class Schedule

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Class Definitions

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Next kids fitness is February 15th at 9:30 AM

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Pick up Ball...Kickboxing/Yoga/ Core work

Looking for more 10-15 year old boys to take the class. Tuesdays at 4:30-5:20 PM or Thursdays at 6:00-6:45 AM. Pick your poison- but pick it quickly. Spaces are limited. 1st class is February 2nd.

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Warrior Training- Kickboxing/ Yoga Flows/ Core Work

Come on girls- I need some warriors who wanna workout with me. This class is offered for teenage girls 10-16 years old on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:20 PM at the NEW SHINE FITNESS. All the girls have to know is that they are gonna be punching, kicking and having fun- but the moms need to know that it is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!! We do a lot of "talking" about girl body image, mean girls, hygiene, doing hard things, etc. In a nut shell...Allowing yourself and others to SHINE. Sign your daughter and all their friends up today. Class starts Wednesday.

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This incredible class is one that could potentially be LIFE CHANGING! For all those people who have ever doubted themselves, given up earlier than they should have, wished they were stronger mentally and physically or are just breathing...this class is for YOU! Sign up your momma, your daddy, your cousin Earl- and hit "The GRIND" with Instructor Courtney. He will bring all of that AND MORE out in you. He has proven that you can do hard things, survive, live to tell about it and then turn around and use those experiences to help others do the same. And just as a footnote...Instructor Courtney won't tell you this, but I will... He served 5 tours and earned himself 3 BRONZE STARS. Those who know anything about heroism- that tells you right there what kind of guy he is. He has trained the most elite of fighters and would love to train you. Give him the chance to bring out the hero in you.

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SFF Training Sessions

Each training session runs 5 days a week for 2 weeks. It's a commitment for those 2 weeks- but like we all know...That is how you get results.

You have the your choice of 5:30-6:30 AM or

6:00-7:00 PM

You can sign up for 1 session at a time, or for an even bigger discount- try a few. The results you get from Special Forces Training will astound you. Physical and Mental results will be FORGED IN BATTLE.

And if you're anything like me, this might tempt your SFF tastebuds...You also get an AWESOME t-shirt when you sign up.

As I see it, this opportunity would be a perfect fit for the stay at home mom, a father and son bonding experience and more.

See what you are made of. SIGN UP TODAY FOR A SESSION.

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Also available for:

*Company/corporate team building training

*Private/Small Group Sessions (get 10 friends together. Pick a 10 day time period. Choose your ideal time of the day for workouts. Share the cost and he will come to you. So cool

*Stripling Warrior Training- Powerful

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"Sometimes in the wind of change, we find our true direction".

Changes are coming to SHINE.

What an adventure lies before us.


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