Principal's Update

January 11, 2016

Life "In the middle"

Living in the middle of something can be interesting. We serve middle school students every day who are between adolescence and adulthood. Our school is in between elementary and high school. Being in the middle means you have to be ready to receive and send away at the same time. Life "in the middle" is never dull.

The Superintendent's proposals for choice options places us once again "in the middle." We are in the middle of our current programming built through hard work and research and moving towards creating something new and cutting edge. Her proposals put us squarely where we live frequently- in the middle. I hope you will take out your creative hat and place it on as we begin to plan for our future. I don't yet know what that future will look like for our campus or our students, but I am exciting about the chance we will have to build something special together for our students and for us. People in the grocery store aisles are talking about you and the message is clear... They like the way life looks in the "middle" here at Sullivan. People want their kids to not just be good students but to also be great people. Creating great people and creating great students sometimes takes different skills, but it always takes a relationship. Parents want their kids to go where they are "prepared for and cared for." Thanks for all you have done to have parents talking about us in places of worship, shopping center aisles, and on benches at restaurants. This is a special place and I am excited about working with you to make it extraordinary in the days ahead!

Walk-through Observations

The administration team will be working to get into all teacher's classrooms this semester by performing 3-4 walk-through observations a week. We will be using Classroom Mosaic to record a few notes about our observations and share them with each teacher who is observed. We are all excited about this focus to spend more time in classrooms to see the great work happening here at Sullivan. Mr. Goodwin will send out a schedule so you will know who is coming and the one week window that you should expect someone to come in and observe.

Calendar this week

Monday January 11

Basketball- Girls Home Boys Away- Banks Trail- Admin- All

Tuesday January 12

8th Grade in Auditorium- 8:45-9:45 High School Information

Junior civitans will meet any parents who attend in the main office

Break out locations- SP/ Chorus Room - NW/ Reference Room - RHHS/auditorium

Department Heads Meeting after school- Agenda is self-study/ IB visit preparation

Wednesday January 13

Goodwin to Columbia for Awards Ceremony for Kenyetta Mitchell–State Finalist for Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching- 11:00am -3:30 pm

Thursday January 14

8th Graders Band to Charlotte Symphony 8:00 am-1:00 pm

AD Meeting and Middle School Principal’s Meeting- Goodwin- 9:30 until… DO

Basketball- Girls Home Boys Away- Castle Heights- Admin Goodwin

Upcoming Dates-

Jan. 18th- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- No school

Feb. 4th- Rising 6th grade night- 6pm

Feb. 5th- 8th grade job shadowing day

Feb. 17th- 8th grade IGP Day