Notice and Note

Strategies for Close Reading

The Backstory

"Close Reading" has become the new buzz word for reading instruction. Kylene Beers and Bob Probst created a strategy to help readers, and teachers, master that skill. It's called Notice and Note, to remind readers to notice certain things in a text and then to make a note of them.

Text Talking with the Signposts

Walk into any language arts classroom this year, and you'll see a teacher assign text talking to the students. Listen to any student and you'll hear "but what am I supposed to write about?!"

By providing the students with these signposts, you're giving them a scaffold from which to jump into the text.

What we find really beneficial is that these signposts are applicable at any grade level and across a variety of texts.

The Importance of Close Reading (Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading Video 1)


Fiction Signposts

  • teach Contrasts and Contradictions in the short story "Thank-you Ma'am"
  • teach Words to the Wise in the novel Roll of Thunder

Nonfiction Signposts

  • teach Extreme and Absolute Language in the Emancipation Proclamation
  • teach Numbers and Stats in Geography