Kepler 22b

Bianca Briggs


1) Diameter of planet: 19,000 miles (31,000 km)

2) Average distance from sun: 78 million miles

3 )Average temperature: about 72 degrees F

4) length of day: 8.5 hours

5 )length of year: 290 days

6) # of moon: none

7) # of rings: none

8) age if I lived on the planet: 32.5 yrs old in if i was born 14.5 Earth years

9 )the value of "g": 43680473.8 kg

10) How much would you weigh: 2.4 times your normal weight

11) distance from Earth: 600 lights years

12) how long it would take to travel to : 5870 Earth years

13) How much would you weigh? : about 300


1) The radius is about 2.4 times the radius of Earth

2) Kepler-22b might be an "ocean-like" world.

3) this plant is know as "Earth's Twin" because of many similar features

3 problems that would happen if you lived here

1) it spends a small fraction of its time within this habitable zone, which would cause extreme temperature differences on the planet and might make it inhospitable.

2) it has fewer than 124 Earth masses

3) mostly ocean with a small rocky core

How can you overcome these problems to make it suitable for human life

1) invent ways to adjust to the temperature conditions.

2) try to find a way to replace the masses.

3) find a way to make the oceanand rocky core habitable to live on.