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The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago with about 17,508 islands. Its government is currently a constitutional democracy and the president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. Indonesia is in South-East Asia.

Indonesia Slogan- "The best archipelago around!"

Indonesia Geography and Climate

  • Indonesia's climate mostly stays the same year-round. Indonesia doesn't really have the extreme seasons, (Summer and Winter) but have a wet season and a dry season.Indonesia is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

People and Culture

Indonesia has a vast and wide culture that has been influenced by many things. It is so vast because Indonesia was along the way of many ancient trade routes. People on current Indonesia did not know each other because of the islands, so they each followed different traditions, religions, and overall culture.

Top 10 Events of Indonesia's History

10) 1949- Netherlands agreed to transfer sovereignty to Indonesia
9) 1959- Original constitution is restored
8) 2006- Democratic elections held in Aceh
7) Early 1600s- The Dutch began to colonize in Indonesia
6) 2005- Indonesia reached a peace agreement with armed separtists in Aceh
5) 1942- Japan occupied Indonesia
4) 1945- Indoneisa declared independance from Japan
3) 1957- President SOEKARNO declared martial law
2) 1998- President SUHARTO lost power
1) 2004- Deadliest Tsunami in history in Indonesia More than 100,000 dead

Government and Citizenship

Indonesia's government is a presidental system constitutional republic. You have to be 17 to vote.It is still under it's 1945 constitution. Its power is concentrated in the central government. Just like the US, it has three branches of government, Judicial, Legislative, and Executive.

Indonesia's founding president is named Sukarno. The president is the head-of-state, and the head-of-government. 2004 was the first year that people got to directly vote for president.


Indonesia is a very poor nation. 11.7% of the population lives below the poverty line. The inflation rate in 2012 was 4.3%. They export 187.3 billion dollars of product. They import 178.7 billion dollars.

Indonesia exports oil and gas, electrical appliances, plywood, textiles, and rubber. They export these to Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, The US, India, and Malaysia. They import machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, and food. These are imported from China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, the US, and Thailand.

Company List

American Charter Boats: American Charter Boats is company that rents out boats to people for certain amounts of time. Since there is a lot of islands, people in Indonesia like to fish. Since it is a poor country, there are many people who are too poor to afford a decent boat. With American Charter Boats, you do not need too much money to be able to have a good boat. American Charter Boats will have a lot of customers who will probably rent regularly.
Westinghouse: Westinghouse is a nuclear power company. Indonesia needs a nuclear power company because there is little to no use of nuclear power there. It would benefit Westinghouse because as the demand for the other power sources get higher, yours will be low for a long time, making the other companies cheaper. This would make Indonesian citizens save money, and Westinghouse make money.
Pfizer: Pfizer is a company that makes vaccines. Indonesia needs vaccines because since it is a very poor country, it does not have many good medical institutions. There is a lot of diseases that can be cured with a vaccine that Indonesians suffer from. If Pfizer made cheap vaccines, many people would start buying them, and their prices would go up, also helping the Indonesian citizens.
Home Depot: Home Depot is a tools and construction materials store. Since there are many natural disasters that happen year-round, there is many house being destroyed. People will be able to rebuild their house with quality materials from a large company. This would be great for Indonesians so they can get cheaper and better, and it is great for Home Depot because it can quickly become the strongest company of its kind in Indonesia.
MDB Logging inc: MDB Logging inc is a company that removes trees to be made into building material. This would help Indonesia by clearing large amounts of trees so people can make homes there. It also doubles up as a source of good building materials that can be sold for cheaper prices, and does not have to be shipped. It could also put down land for larger farms that are not blocked by the many trees in Indonesia.