Sachin Tendolkar

Famous Cricket Player


Sachin Tendolkar is the greatest batsman in India. He is at the age of 40 years old. Born in 1973, April 2 in Maharashtra,Mumbai. He is 5.5 ft he is well know as little master.He has played for many teams like Mumbai, Cricket Club Of India, Yorkshries, and the Mumbia Indians.He is presently play on the Mumbia Indians.He was part of the 2011 Cricket world cup.But he won and an award in 2003 world cup "Player of the Tournment".

How he stated cricket

Sachin had go to a high school named Sharadashram Vidyamandir. There at the school the cricket team was very good. His coach would have them practice from morning and evenings. Sachin also had an interest in tennis. People say that Sachin was a bully and he would pick fights in school. In 1984 cricket was introduced to him it was an alternative form from bullying.
This is a picture of the 2011 world and he is holding the player of the tournment.

Did you know?

Did you know? Sachin become the highest scored that he complted 10000 runs in March 16 Did you know? That Sachin ran at 11963 runs in oct.17 2005 .
This is a picture of Sachin playing in a game for the Mumbai Indians.

Life years

Sachin came from a middle class family. He had four siblings and his dad was a professor. His mother worked in a insurance company. Sachin was named after a famous movie Director.After high school he enrolled in Kirti college.Where his father taught.His familyy was very happy with his achievements. Such as, In 2005 he became the first cricket play to ever score 100 points in a single inning, and 2007 he broke another record to score 15000 run in one day international play.