Andrew Brunton

Things I Enjoy

My Pets

I enjoy my pets. I have 2 cats. I have 1 dog. My cats names are Shelby and Chuck. My dogs name is Caesar. My cats are really playful. My dog is lazy. My cats destroy my room. My dog is really defensive. Chuck is 6 months old, Shelby is around a year old. My dog Caesar is 11 years old. This is what I enjoy about my pets.

Summer Chores

I enjoy Summer Chores. One summer chore I do is I mow the grass. Mowing the grass really isn't a chore for me, because i find it to be fun. Another summer chore i do is i have to clean the swimming pool. I do not like cleaning the swimming pool, because it is not fun. These are some of my summer chores.


I enjoy movies. My favorite movie is American Sniper. I enjoy American Sniper, because it shows the problems, people face when they serve for our country. Another movie I enjoy is Captain America The Winter Soldier. I enjoy this movie, because it is awesome. These are movies I enjoy.

My Family

I like my Family. I have a mom. Her name is Amy. I have a dad. His name is Tommy. I have a sister. Her name is Briana. This is my family.

My Favorite things to do in My Free Time

  • Play with my cat
  • Watch Movies
  • Help my Dad in his garage
  • Do school work
  • Do Chores