Mel Gibson

The once Famous movie maker: now, an infamous nobody.

6 "Tragic Hero's" qualities

If you gotta get to the top, be careful when you get there. If you aren't careful, you'll ride your fortunes down

Quality 1: A Tragic hero is a character of noble stature and has greatness. They must also embody nobility and virtue as part of their character.

Quality 2: The Hero's downfall is partially his/her own fault. (error in judgement)

Gibson was a successful writer/director/actor, and had been named "People magazine's first-ever "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1985. But, his downfall was all about some things that he said/did to a (or, a couple of) minority(s), and his wife(s)

Quality 4: THe Hero's Misfortune is not wholly reserved

Mel Gibson did not kill anybody, all he did was yell some things at some people. But he was dropped by the company that HE MADE, and was banned from ever acting on a public thing ever again (also, he was sentenced to do some public classes to try and make things right)

Quality 5: The Hero's fall is not pure loss

While I'm sure that he learned not to punch, or yell at anybody again (he had to take some courses as per court order), he might have learned to work with what he had. He is still alive, and he doesn't argue with all of the things that were said to him. He knows that he messed up, but he got far more than he bargained for.

Quality 6: Though the end is sad, it doesn't leave the audience in a state of depression



Quality 3: Though the Hero is great, he/ she is not perfect

In his life, Gibson has (or at least had) everything that one could ask for: Lots of $$$$$, a large house, a wife, and a steady job. But, since he is human, he falls for his own emotions (particularly anger).