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February 2021

Mrs. Diefenthaler, Mrs. Caryl, Mrs. Schatzle & Mrs. Phelps

High School Updates: Wendy Diefenthaler

Columbia Central High School

Sophomores sign up for Career Center! If you are a sophomore and hoping to attend the career center next year you need to sign up! If you go to my Google Classroom you will find a short video about the career center and then a sign up link. This is due February 19. If you are a junior and already at the career center you will sign up with them. If you are a junior and hoping to attend next year for your first time stop in and see me!

Seniors continue with College Applications! Just because College Application Month has ended does not mean that the application process has. Scholarship Season is here! Check out my weebly at to find many links to different scholarships. The Educational Foundation for Columbia School Scholarship is open, check out the tab on my weebly for that, those are due the Wednesday before Spring Break! FAFSA is due by March 1st, the College and Career Access Center will be having a FAFSA event on Feb. 15 from 11:00-7:00, you can make an appointment for either virtual or in-person. They will have you in and out in about 30 minutes!

College Classes and Technical Certificates are available through our Jackson County Early College Program. If you are interested in starting your two year college degree early or are looking for a technical certificate I can help get you started. Sophomores and Freshman can get signed up any time. Stop in and see me about applying for this program

Check out the Instagram app dlanxiety. It is a great sight and gives you many ideas on how to cope with depression and anxiety. I also post great information on my Google Classrooms every other week, check out my Be Nice Blasts!!


Junior High School Updates: Storm Caryl

Motivational/Goal Boards

At a time when our motivation to do school work is at an all time low, try to look for goals that you want for your future. This could be goals for tomorrow, a week from now, or even years from now. There is NEVER a time limit on reaching our goals.

A motivational/goal board is a visual representation of our aspirations. Some may be to graduate high school, go on vacation, start excising, reading, etc. This can be anything you want it to be. Check out the examples down below!!

Small Groups 7th grade

I am in the middle of my small group sessions with only 4 sessions left. Each week we do an activity based on a topic of our choosing. We meet during lunch time every Tuesday. We learn new social skills each time and have a lot of fun!! Please let me know if you would like your student to be apart of this in the future!

Weekly Affirmations

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Counselor Closet: If you need anything please let me know!

Upper Elementary Updates: Krista Schatzle

Sources of Strength, an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Curriculum

Hello! January is coming to a close! I've greatly enjoyed seeing the many smiling faces and getting air pumps in the hallways. We are all excited to be back to in-person learning. I wanted to share with you all that we have been piloting a SEL (Social Emotional Learning) curriculum this school year called Sources of Strength. Mrs. Schmidt in the 5th grade and Mrs. Friday in the 6th grade volunteered to pilot the curriculum in their classrooms. They have been teaching lessons at times with me and at times on their own developing a strong foundation of the Sources of Strength curriculum. This SEL program focuses on suicide prevention through lessons of help, hope and strength. It started originally in grades 7-12, but in the last year they developed a curriculum for grades 3-6. I was fortunate enough to receive a grant through Lifeways, which has provided the funds for training as well as the curriculum and coaching throughout the program. We are expanding the pilot program to a 3rd and 4th grade classroom soon, and we are planning to implement the program schoolwide next school year. This is an exciting venture for CUES as we continue to provide mental health services to our students.

Monthly Mindfulness Tip:

Mindfulness Eating:

Chose a food that is appealing to you, but takes some time to chew and enjoy.

Take a bite and focus on the feeling in your mouth. Was it hard to bite into or soft? Is it crunchy or smooth? Do you even need to bite or can you sip or lick it? Now focus on the taste-Is it sweet or salty? Is there a strong flavor or is it weaker? Do you taste it more on the tip or your tongue, farther back on your tongue or is your whole mouth filled with flavor? Now focus on your over-all experience. How does eating this food make you feel? Happy, relaxed, excited, joyful? How does it feel going down your throat? How does it feel in your stomach? Warm? Cold? Smooth? Are you full or still hungry?

Once you are done eating your food, take another moment to just relax and think about the experience. Take a couple of deep breaths and live in the moment. :)

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Lower Elementary Updates: Ashley Phelps


Please do not hesitate to reach out if your student or family is in need of support as we navigate distance learning!

You can reach me by email: or by calling 517-769-8557, feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am available.

Class Lessons

This month all classes will explore the importance of positive self esteem in class lessons. Look for resources to come home with students and to be posted on social media throughout the month!
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Monthly Family Wellness - Make a "Family Bucket List" for 2021

A Bucket List can be a fun way to dream about all the things we want to do this year. This month use this as a fun activity to create a list of positive things for the year to do as a family!

Gather at the table and take turns sharing one thing you want to do as a family this year. Keep going around until you have a nice Bucket List. Post it on the fridge to refer to throughout the year!

* These can be things you hope to do or things you know you will already be doing.

*They can be BIG (a family trip, grow a garden) or SMALL (go for nature walks, game nights, bike rides, paint rocks, eat healthy, *be grateful)

* Have fun and learn what each person is looking forward to this year!

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Mental Health and Crisis Intervention Resource List

Mental Health Resource List

The following document provides a list of different mental health resources available in our surrounding area. If immediate danger is suspected please call 911. For additional guidance and support, our district counselors are available through school email.

Storm Caryl-School Counselor,

Google Classroom Code-yae3e5f

Wendy Diefenthaler-School Counselor,

Junior High Google Classroom Code-ynrnyw6

9th grade Google Classroom Code-amyhajq

10th grade Google Classroom Code-7hkpnik

11th grade Google Classroom Code-evjnhgw

12th grade Google Classroom Code-uppsfma


Dial 2-1-1 for immediate access to over 2,000 services available to Jackson County Residents. When you call you are connected to a trained Information and Referral Specialist who can discuss your needs and give you the information and/or referrals you need to find what you are looking for. There is an online directory of available resources as well on the website listed above.


A student safety program that allows students to confidentially report potential harm or criminal activity directed at school students, school staff and schools. Tips can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can submit tips through phone, email, text message, mobile app or Okay2Say website.

Community Action Agency Jackson, Lenawee & Hillsdale Counties

1214 Greenwood Ave. Jackson, MI. 49203

400 W. South St. Adrian, MI. 49221

55 Barnard St. Hillsdale, MI. 49242




Services: Education, Economic Self-Sufficiency, Housing, Health & Nutrition, and Community Development.

LifeWays CMH

1200 North West Ave. Jackson, MI. 49202

25 Care Drive Hillsdale, MI. 49242



Behavioral Health Services in areas such as severe mental issues, intellectual/developmental disability, substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders.

Family Service & Children's Aid

330 W. Michigan Ave.

Jackson, MI. 49201


Born Free: Counseling & treatment for females (ages 14+) 12-step recovery program into daily life; Intro to Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon; Families & Schools Together: families attend an 8-week group focusing on family bonding, communication, discipline and nurturing; Other services by referral only: drug screening, counseling (group & individual), First Time Offenders Program, and Breakout Drug Free Education Program in schools (6-12th grade); Child abuse and neglect educational presentations

Lenawee County Community Mental Health


Behavioral Health Services in areas such as severe mental issues, intellectual/developmental disability, substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders.

LJ Gallagher PsyD and Associates PLLC

451 Marshall Street

Brooklyn, MI 49230

(517) 414-0697

A Healing Place, LLC

207/209 First St. Jackson, MI. 49201

1218 Greenwood Ave. Jackson, MI. 49201


Services: Individual Psychotherapy, Psychological Testing, Children/Adolescent Therapy, Family Counseling, Couples Counseling and Group Therapy for Eating Disorders.

Accepted Insurances (Varies by Therapist): BCBS, BCN, Priority Health, HAP, Aetna, Cofinity, PCN/PHP, JHN, Medicare, Magellan, Meridian

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Student Safety Program

Confidentiality Statement

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