North American Natives

Julia Janninck


Anasazi are ancestors of the Pueblo. They lived from 500-1200. They were good with constructing dams, ditches, and canals. They made their houses out of adobe and stone, and they looked like apartment-like structures. There was a massive complex in the heart of Chaco Canyon where 1000 people lived. They built the roads for the trading networks. Some people made turquoise jewelry, woven baskets, and pottery.


The adena was known as Eastern Woodlands people and they lived in Ohio valley around the time of the 700s. They grew squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley. The craftsmen produced copper,jewelry,and fine pottery. When someone would pass away they would make the burial grounds of log structures and piles of dirt.


The Hopewell's were moving around in the 300s and decided to live in Ohio. They would build different things but they would mostly build mounds that were around 40 feet high and 100 feet wide. They decided to suggest the TRADE networks that soon became very popular to use. When the other people would refer to Hopewell they would call them "Mound Builders" because of the tall mounds they built.
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The mississippians came from Mississippi! They arrived there in the 800s. They wanted to increase the population so they planted maize and beans. Then they needed more land for the increase of the population.