Accidental Inventions

By:MacKenzie Wofford

The Story of Play-Doh

Noah McVicker accidentally invented Play-Doh somewhere in the 1930’s. Noah didn’t mean to make Play-Doh as a fun compound for kids to play with, it was actually meant to be a wallpaper cleaner! Soon after the World War || was over, Noah’s nephew, Joseph McVicker started to work at the company, and soon realized that the dough was being used in schools to make crafts, instead of wallpaper cleaner! So, they started making it for kids to play with.

Fun Facts

1.)Play-Doh was meant to be a wallpaper cleaner

2.)Play-Doh was first made in Noah' s family soap company

3.)Today, Play-Doh is owned by the Hasbro company

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