soar sanford

october 9

Action Item: Learning Target with success criteria

Examine your learning targets. Do they have a success criteria?

One way to add a success criteria is to use the word 'by'. For example, i can skip count by threes BY CIRCLING EVERY THIRD NUMBER ON A 100s chart. I can identify the main idea of a story BY COMPLETING A PLOT MAP.

Think about the formative assessment you will use and try to infuse it in to your learning target's 'BY' STATEMENT. Feel free to share other ideas you have with your team and me about having a success criteria in your learning target.

UPcoming eventS

Oct 12 Talent Ed workshop in computer 315

Oct 14 Sunshine Committee Presents: Paint Night 315-515

Oct 15 Talent Ed--first three parts are due

Oct 15 Lead Team 710 AM

Oct 29 Barnes and Noble Book Fair 5pm (at Barnes and Noble)

Oct 30 Makeup Picture Day

Oct 30 Reflections Due (encourage students to enter-see Heidi Bogan for more info)

Nov 5 Take Flight Day 3-415

Nov 7 Saturday-Fall Festival 10-1

Action Item: Talent Ed

1. Make sure you can log in to Talent Ed.

2. Complete the Teacher Reflection

3. Professional Development Plan

4. Complete the Goal Setting for Student Progress Form

Due Thursday October 15. Let me know if you have any questions.

Workshop to assist with this is on Monday in the computer lab.

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Readers everywhere!

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A walkabout activity while students were PALS testing in Tammy McFarland's first grade room