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November 12, 2021

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Gymnasium continues forward

We had another milestone yesterday. The power was turned on and for the first time the inside of the building was lit up. Plenty of things still to do but seeing the lights on was powerful. Pardon the pun :)
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First Christmas songs of the year

Last Sunday the bell choirs and ukuleles played Christmas songs at the Holiday MarketPlace. Our kids sounded so good spreading the early holiday cheer. KAES also had some 8th graders play and sing too. It was a really awesome day!
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Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a special day at KAES. It is a special day when classes learn about the service and sacrifice that so many have made for us and our country. This year students were able to Zoom with a veteran nurse and listen to his experience, along with interacting with him through questions students were able to ask. We also had some veterans able to take the time to visit with the students face to face. We hope all our veterans in our community feel honored today.
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Students continue kindness at SWAU

A couple of weeks ago every classroom packaged bags of candy along with a personal note of encouragement that was colored or decorated by our students. Today at the end of school a group of 8th graders went to the door of each dorm room at SWAU and hung a kindness bag. Although we may not know all the university students they are loved as children of God. The kindness fundraiser is over but kindness is not.

Lunch Menu: Nov. 15-18

Lunch order is to be placed with the homeroom teacher each day. $4.25 small $5.00 large

Monday - Egg and cheese (Breakfast) burritos, hashbrown tofu, grapes and apples and orange juice

Thanksgiving Tuesday - Swiss Stake, mash patatoes, gravy mixed vegetables, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie and juice

Wednesday - Grill cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, salad and juice.

Thursday - Hot dog, fries, cookie and Juice

Friday - Half Day (no hot lunch and no after school care)

Important Dates To Remember


Nov 13 - Advance Marimba at Keene Spanish Church

Nov 19 - Early Release at noon (no lunch and no child care)

Nov. 22-26 Thanksgiving Break


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