In favor of

Brief discription of this goverment

The king and the queen rule everything in this government in witch sovereignty is actually or normally embodied in a single individual.

Who is the head of this type of goverment?---What powers dose he/she have--how is this person chossen

The king and the queen are the head of this government.

It is in the family line so you are born a future king/queen

How are laws made in this type of goverment? who is the legislature?

The laws are made by the supreme court of this government but the law has to go to the king and the king has to make sure that he wants this law for his citizens.

What rights do citizens have? can they vote?

Citizen are allowed to do almost everything but, they are not allowed to vote.

Examples of contries that currently have this type of goverment?

Africa, Lesotho, Monrocco, Swaziland, Asia, Bhuta and Brunet.