Clear out the British!

We Don't to feed! We don't want to house!

The Quartering Act

The Quartering Act of March 4, 1765. This set of Laws were specifically designed to force American colonist to let British soldiers into their home for free. These laws enforced:

  • Colonists had to feed the British Soldiers
  • Colonists had to supply the British Soldiers
  • Colonists had to house the British Soldiers

When and Where to Protest!!!

Meet in the Town Square every every Tuesday night at 9:30 to learn our protesting ways and strategies. We will make signs, and we will also practice chants. Hope to see you there!

What We Will Accomplish

We want to see the end of British soldiers in our homes! We will accomplish this goal! This Act is completely absurd! We will not have soldiers barging into our homes! It will stop here!

Possible Death Involved

If you protest with us, there is a possibility that you could be:

  • Shot
  • Burned to Death
  • Executed
  • Removed from your House