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May 8, 2020 Week 8 of Covid Quarantine

About the Tech Checkout This Year

I have divided the document up into sections based on whether the items are for all staff or just teachers, and whether or not they can be done remotely.

There are about three things that have to be done on campus. You will have another chance to go back up to campus before the end of the year. At that time you can return the equipment you have borrowed. All equipment needs to be returned by May 30.

Just giving this to you now in case you are someone who likes to have time. There is no rush on this! The date for these things to be done is May 30 (the sheet says May 28, but they need to be done by the time you hand in your school checkout sheet)

Staff Leaving Frisco ISD

If you are leaving us at the end of the year, we will sure miss you! Click this button for some important information you need to know about what will happen with your accounts. bit.ly/staffleavingfisd

Grammarly to be Temporarily Disabled

From May 11-22 the Chrome extension Grammerly will be disabled for all High School students at the request of Dr. Romney. This has to be disabled for AP testing, so the district will be disabling it for school Google accounts. We do realize that students may have access to it another way, but we can at least ensure that they cannot access it through the district.

Students will be able to reinstall the extension starting on May 23.

Please Pass on to Graduating Seniors and anyone you know is leaving Frisco ISD

I emailed this to all students this morning, but honestly, I would be thrilled if they saw this 12 times!!!

THIS is a document that Seniors need to see regarding what will happen to their accounts upon graduation. They will start losing access I believe on the last day of school.

As you communicate with your students, please send them this document as part of that message. I don't want them to lose anything!

Student H drives- FYI

Students H drives are wiped clean every summer. They have been given access to their H drives now in the student portal so that they can back up anything they need. If you had your students saving stuff to their H drives this year, you may want to let them know! I did email all students to tell them, but that doesn't mean they read it :) I did email students with this information as well.

*This may not apply to everyone- I know my own kids have nothing in their H drives at all!

FISD TILT Conference Seeking Teacher Presenters!

As we head into our last month of eLearning in Frisco ISD we would like to provide an opportunity for teachers to share with their fellow teachers the successes they have had in their online teaching and inspire ideas for next year. On May 19th and 20th we will be organizing an online conference called TILT – Teachers Inspiring and Leading Teachers.

The conference will be comprised of 30 minute online sessions where teachers can share with teachers about the best practices that were developed during this period of eLearning. Part of the conference will be organized by discipline and the sharing of ideas and tools that worked well for your content area. The other part of the conference will be organized by topics that are universal for any content area.

If you are interested in presenting or facilitating a 30 minute session, please complete this form by 5:00 on Monday, May 11th.

We do know that you may have other commitments during these times and that is fine! We are are hoping to record these sessions for those who want to watch later!