Pouch Parties

It's The Smell That Sells

What is a Pouch Party?

  • A Pouch Party is a “modified” basket party…or an “enhanced” catalog party.
  • I believe “if they can smell it, you can sell it”
  • Pouch Parties has been so successful, I now have more pouch parties than basket parties!
  • It’s simple, easy & affordable!
  • Your host simply passes around the pouch and collects orders!
  • Set date & time to collect orders and close out Pouch Party. (Typically 1 week.)

You can use anything for a Pouch Party! Here are a few examples:

Why A Pouch Party?


  • Economical - Saves you TIME & MONEY
  • No time spent doing party
  • No money spent on invitations, postage, etc.
  • Lower risk/investment
  • Cost of supplies to create pouch is less than a basket party


  • People that are too busy to party can still earn host rewards
  • They don’t have to clean!
  • No expense for them…no treats to buy, desserts to make, etc.
  • Easy for their friends
  • They don’t have to find a babysitter for the kids
  • A Pouch Party goes where she goes…EVERYWHERE! GREAT for BUSY people

Creating Your Pouch

  • Pouch (Bank bag from Scentsy Success, make-up bags, anything that fits!)
  • 3-4 catalogs
  • 10 order forms
  • Join brochures
  • 20 mini-testers (with the full set of 80 you get 4 pouch parties)
  • WOTM Flyer
  • Pen & Calculator
  • Hostess Instruction Sheet (with FAQ) ---> In our Facebook Group FILES under POUCH PARTY or email me at penny@soaringsuperstars.com for a copy! It is a very simple and explanatory sheet that you give all pouch hosts.


I just get the full set of mini-testers, put all 80 scents onto the table, sort into their categories and then pick equal amounts from each scent category to make up 4 sets of 20. You can get the mini testers through the Scentsy Success store for just $25. By the way, this mini tester carrier makes a great pouch party bag!

Where does the "Host" present the party?

  • Work / office
  • Daycare
  • Teacher / Schools
  • Family Reunion
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Church, Bunco, etc. socials
  • Kid’s activities (Mommies!)
  • Spouse’s activities (Softball wives!)

Who needs a pouch party?


  • Also give a pouch to your home party hosts 2 weeks prior to their party so they can collect outside orders (This is great for making the party date the CLOSING date.)
  • Promote pouch parties at your home parties…your hosts want more bookings so they can get MORE at ½ price! (I promote this at home parties, when I hold up my “hostess bag” to give them a visual of the rewards for hosting. I also tell them if they’re too busy or don’t feel like cleaning, a Pouch Party is a great alternative to get the rewards. Once they say yes I do always try to upgrade them to a home party, but Pouch Parties are great too!)


  • Always be ready to do business!
  • Carry your own “pouch” with catalogs, brochures, scent samples & mini-testers!


ANYONE YOU HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THAT WANTS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SCENTSY! Loan them a warmer and a pouch party so they can order. If they love it, they're welcome to share with their friends, etc to get FREE product for reaching $150+.


  • A great way to say “WELCOME TO THE TEAM!” (I'm going to start doing this for people who I sponsor)
  • She can start collecting orders before her kit arrives
  • Explain Shooting Star Enhancement Kit & Scentsational Start
  • Give your new team member the opportunity to hit the ground running

Your Pouch Party hosts are potential Consultants!

  • They did all the work in selling the Scentsy products!
  • Tell them that their friends will need to re-order and they can either be your customers or her customers.

One Last Thought...

(For the potential consultant who says they don’t have time to be a consultant, don’t have a car, or are perhaps limited by a disability…)

You can effectively do a Pouch Party without ever leaving your home. In speaking with fellow consultants (some with disabilities), Pouch Parties have transformed their business!

  • Mail the pouch to the host
  • Set date & time to close party
  • The host collects orders
  • Close party over the phone & the host mails the pouch back to you. Or if the host is local to you, the host picks up orders at your house (and returns pouch).


There it is STARS...simple and SO EFFECTIVE!

How many pouch parties can you ROCK your business with over the next 4 weeks? 4, 8, 10, 12…..?

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask me!

Love and Success,

Penny Davis, Scentsy Family Independent Director


PS Don't forget to download the Host Instruction Sheet in our team FILES section on Facebook or email me at penny@soaringsuperstars for a copy!