Climate Zones

By Savannah F. Cooper S. Paige H. and Blaise B.


Snow serves as a reservoir of moisture for the beginning of the growing seasons. Seasonal drought and occasional fires help maintain these grasslands.

The biomes found here is the Savanna, and temperate grasslands. This is because they are provided near such warm temperatures.

These are found primarily near and in the low-latitudes. Meaning you will find them in southern U.S. You can also locate them in Southern Africa.

In this area rainfall is adequate, and they are provided long growing seasons. In the winter the temperature can reach below freezing every once and a while.

Humid Continental:

Generally the Humid Continental climate zone mainly consist of forests and is located in the Mid-Latitudes. The Summers are warm and they have cold Winters.

The Biomes found in the Humid Continental are mainly forest like areas. This is because that the regions they are found in is ideal for such plants as timber, and pines.

The Humid Continental Zone is located in the mid-latitudes; which means you will be able to locate the U.S. and some of Northern Europe.

There is a total of four seasons, in the Summer it is rather warm; while in the Winter teperatures can reach fairly low degrees. The average rainfall is anywhere between 50 and 125 cm.

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