My Family Chrismas!

Merry Chrismas! This community that I'm going to share about is about my family's Chrismas traditions. One of the traditions that my family does around Chrismas is baking. We bake so much batches of cookies that we don't have room to keep them. Come of the kinds of cookies are the chocolate kiss cookies. These are made out of peanut butter dough with a chocolate kiss on top. Plus sugar sprinkled on the top of the cookie. Another kind of cookie we make is 2 Ritz crackers with peanut butter in the middle of them then cover them with chocolate and sprinkles if wanted. We also go over to my grandparents houses and have a big feast. Last years Chrismas was kind of sad because the day right after Chrismas my grandparents house cot on fire. So it was sad and they had nowhere to stay. Then they had to remodel and all of that stuff. But that's all over and it's a new year.

Why It's Important

This community is near and dear to me because there my family. There also close to me in ways like paying for food or dealing with my additide. Every family is different in some way shap or form. This community is different from other communities because every family is different in different ways. Not every family bakes cookies or puts up a Chrismas tree. Or gives each other presents. And that's what makes them special in there own ways.