Cold War Vocabulary

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Cold War Definition

The Cold War was the attempt between the Soviet Russians and the United States to spread their beliefs of social and economic systems throughout the world. There was an abundance of military tension between the Soviets and the Americans because the Soviets followed a communist economic system whereas the Americans followed a capitalist economic system. There was not much of a fight between the two nations but there was more of a fight to spread their ideals to the world; the two nations never fought face to face, but rather, they fought through their imperialism and their want to spread their economic system throughout the world. It was called the Cold War because of the Cold nature of not actually fighting, it was more of a standoff between the 2 nations to see which one would last longer and ultimately the United States won. Along with a spread of ideologies, the Cold War caused a push in technological advancement and exploration as both sides wanted to outdo one another. The Cold War also shaped much of the Foreign Policy of the United States and aided the growth of imperialism of the United States. Capitalism was probably the winner of this war because of the abundance of capitalist nations and a lack of communist nations in today's world (Communist nations today are Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos).
USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War: Crash Course World History #39